Hubs to be added:
The Swedish podcast launches June 1st.
The English archive & the Swedish library launches July 1st.
(Will not happen because I no longer support the Swedish language)

This is my personal blog or timeline. Here I write about the events in my daily life that does not really fit any of the other hubs on my website. The amount of posts in Swedish will decrease as I no longer support Sweden nor their language. Almost all posts will be in English except a few ones that are more for my Russian friends. Depending on the future there might be posts in Portuguese as well.

Some words of advice:
Whatever I express here are my personal uncensored thoughts. I never self censor, I say what I think, feel and know. Regardless of my surrounding. If that makes me uncomfortable or awkward, that is a problem in the eyes of the reader.
I take very seriously my morals and my integrity, but I will not self censor my very intellectual expressions that upholds them. I will write a lot of nasty stuff and use language generally unfitting because this is my personal space.
Something which I would not in public space.
I have also never brought lasting or permanent harm to another human in this lifetime, neither directly nor indirectly.

You come here as a mental guest, whoever you are, regardless of rank or position.
I will never compromise my integrity or authenticity by adhering to the popular opinion, conventional norm or collectively agreed upon lies. If you stick around long enough, you will find that the most honorable people are the ones most honest. Because those are the ones that you truly know.

That means that some of my content might not be suitable for minors.
But if they are clever enough to find their way here, they are most likely clever enough to make their own decision. There is more to life than the body and the ego.
Spirits searches, not egos.
Egos are merely the result of the search.

Or lack thereof.

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