Swedish hypocrisy

They have so much of it that they could probably start to export it.
The latest media fuckery is this kind of famous person who bought sex from a prostitute.
I am not too involved in the case, because I do not care. But that shit got more media response than the elderly people that are being killed off “humanely” by being given morphine at the homes for elderly people.

There has been this outcry about this event in Sweden, and how “unacceptable” and “despicable” it is. (the prostitution thing, not the murder of elderly people…. yeah….) Personally, I believe it is just another case of hypocrisy in the land of dual standards. Sweden is often praised for its “progression”, especially in the sexual revolution. Yet we have not gotten so far as to decriminalize prostitution.
And prostitution should not be confused with trafficking, which are two completely different things.

I always found it hilarious that prostitution is illegal whereas porn production is perfectly fine. What is the difference? One could say the audience, but I would assume, because I do not know, that there are prostitutes willing to serve that kind of kinks as well. And the Swedish pornographic scene flourishes. You can go to any major porn network and find Swedish productions within a minute. If you want to.. check that out for “scientific purposes” for once.

It is also legal to pay money for pornographic productions which will end up paying one or more people for sexual acts, which in the extension could be considered indirect prostitution. So where does one draw the line?
Because this person is fairly famous, one can assume that there is another agenda behind this smearing, as is so common in Sweden. I wonder what he knew, what information he was sitting on, and why it is so important for the fucked up media elite to have him bereft of credibility.
I mean, I would not even be surprised if it turned out that the majority of the employees at Aftonbladet and Expressen bought prostitutes every so often after they were done fucking each other on that work place.

In the meanwhile of all this bullshittery and absolutely pointless nonsense, elderly are being offed at their homes for elderly people. The latest in is that the workforce are now instructed to give doses of morphine to the elderly, in some cases even overdoses.
If that prostitute-deal is what is being used to cover up that shit, then that is a fucking disgrace towards the murdered elderly people.

Imagine being an elderly person, and you get Corona. And instead of getting proper health care, you are given an overdose of morphine. And the media who are supposedly the ones who should report about it are busy reporting about some yesterday famous person who bought sex from a prostitute. It is not even clear if it was in consent or not, or if it was trafficking behind it. Either way, it is equally much a fucking disgrace to the murdered elderly people.
If that is the shit they are being covered up with.

I am genuinely sorry, all you elderly people here in Sweden. I know I am only one person. But you have my heart and you have my thoughts. I am in a troublesome situation myself, but I have genuine care for you despite not being able to do much myself.
I believe it is a fucking disgrace what is happening, and the fact that it is being covered up with such bullshit is beyond fucking shameful.
I am utterly ashamed of this failed country they call Sweden.

And where was the justice when I reported the rape happening during my time in the health care?
In February 2012, a couple of days after the surgery that made me disabled for life I was in the legal meaning raped by the Swedish surgeon Eva Kristina Emilia Borin. What she did to me qualifies as rape according to Swedish law, as I was clearly and strongly rejecting her examination of a very intimate nature. As I had recently undergone a major surgery I still had spinal anesthesia and was more or less unable to move.
Eva Borin was at that time an old unmarried hag (55-56 years old), and most likely saw her opportunity with me being only 22 (almost 23) at the time. She clearly overstepped, as I was protesting as clearly as a human being can.
Because of the nature of the situation, it would according to Swedish law not only qualify as “sexual assault” but also “gross sexual assault”.

It took me several years to process and overcome this. And when I talked about it with some people a while back they urged me to report it to the Police, which I did. I had all the years before the report believed that it would be no idea to report it, as nobody would believe me. Since there were no witnesses during that examination (also a broken health care directive as there should always be a nurse present during such intimate examinations).

The case was dropped immediately by the Swedish law enforcer Roger Nyd with the excuse that the perpetrator operates within the Swedish health care, indirectly stating that it is legal for people working within the Swedish health care to rape their patients without consequences. As if Sweden was not perceived as the “rape capitol” of the planet earth already.

Where are my newspaper headlines?
Where is my legal process?
Where does the hypocrisy of the fucked up Sweden end?

I have overcome this event and processed it, even though I am scarred for life. And it also showed me the nature of how women rapes. They do it when their victim is in a critical health situation in the risk of dying and incapable of moving and defending themselves. Then they are protected by the corrupt law of the Swedish system, claiming it is alright, because it was a health care professional doing the rape.

I can live with that, because I am strong enough.
But what I cannot accept, I simply cannot accept, is that elderly people unable to defend themselves are being murdered with given overdoses of morphine, and the media that supposedly has the ACTUAL PAYED FUCKING WORK to report about it are busy arguing about some passe famous person who bought sex from a prostitute, maybe even in full consent for all we know.

The legal system in Sweden is one of the biggest fucking jokes on this planet.

I am sorry, you elderly people. I really am.
This one is for you. Because you deserve better than what our failures to people working in the system deliver. I am ashamed that the country you built came to be like this. And I am even considered a “failure” by the system.
Maybe I am, but at least I have my integrity and morals left.