Swedish hypocrisy

They have so much of it that they could probably start to export it.
The latest media fuckery is this kind of famous person who bought sex from a prostitute.
I am not too involved in the case, because I do not care. But that shit got more media response than the elderly people that are being killed off “humanely” by being given morphine at the homes for elderly people.

There has been this outcry about this event in Sweden, and how “unacceptable” and “despicable” it is. (the prostitution thing, not the murder of elderly people…. yeah….) Personally, I believe it is just another case of hypocrisy in the land of dual standards. Sweden is often praised for its “progression”, especially in the sexual revolution. Yet we have not gotten so far as to decriminalize prostitution.
And prostitution should not be confused with trafficking, which are two completely different things.

I always found it hilarious that prostitution is illegal whereas porn production is perfectly fine. What is the difference? One could say the audience, but I would assume, because I do not know, that there are prostitutes willing to serve that kind of kinks as well. And the Swedish pornographic scene flourishes. You can go to any major porn network and find Swedish productions within a minute. If you want to.. check that out for “scientific purposes” for once.

It is also legal to pay money for pornographic productions which will end up paying one or more people for sexual acts, which in the extension could be considered indirect prostitution. So where does one draw the line?
Because this person is fairly famous, one can assume that there is another agenda behind this smearing, as is so common in Sweden. I wonder what he knew, what information he was sitting on, and why it is so important for the fucked up media elite to have him bereft of credibility.
I mean, I would not even be surprised if it turned out that the majority of the employees at Aftonbladet and Expressen bought prostitutes every so often after they were done fucking each other on that work place.

In the meanwhile of all this bullshittery and absolutely pointless nonsense, elderly are being offed at their homes for elderly people. The latest in is that the workforce are now instructed to give doses of morphine to the elderly, in some cases even overdoses.
If that prostitute-deal is what is being used to cover up that shit, then that is a fucking disgrace towards the murdered elderly people.

Imagine being an elderly person, and you get Corona. And instead of getting proper health care, you are given an overdose of morphine. And the media who are supposedly the ones who should report about it are busy reporting about some yesterday famous person who bought sex from a prostitute. It is not even clear if it was in consent or not, or if it was trafficking behind it. Either way, it is equally much a fucking disgrace to the murdered elderly people.
If that is the shit they are being covered up with.

I am genuinely sorry, all you elderly people here in Sweden. I know I am only one person. But you have my heart and you have my thoughts. I am in a troublesome situation myself, but I have genuine care for you despite not being able to do much myself.
I believe it is a fucking disgrace what is happening, and the fact that it is being covered up with such bullshit is beyond fucking shameful.
I am utterly ashamed of this failed country they call Sweden.

And where was the justice when I reported the rape happening during my time in the health care?
In February 2012, a couple of days after the surgery that made me disabled for life I was in the legal meaning raped by the Swedish surgeon Eva Kristina Emilia Borin. What she did to me qualifies as rape according to Swedish law, as I was clearly and strongly rejecting her examination of a very intimate nature. As I had recently undergone a major surgery I still had spinal anesthesia and was more or less unable to move.
Eva Borin was at that time an old unmarried hag (55-56 years old), and most likely saw her opportunity with me being only 22 (almost 23) at the time. She clearly overstepped, as I was protesting as clearly as a human being can.
Because of the nature of the situation, it would according to Swedish law not only qualify as “sexual assault” but also “gross sexual assault”.

It took me several years to process and overcome this. And when I talked about it with some people a while back they urged me to report it to the Police, which I did. I had all the years before the report believed that it would be no idea to report it, as nobody would believe me. Since there were no witnesses during that examination (also a broken health care directive as there should always be a nurse present during such intimate examinations).

The case was dropped immediately by the Swedish law enforcer Roger Nyd with the excuse that the perpetrator operates within the Swedish health care, indirectly stating that it is legal for people working within the Swedish health care to rape their patients without consequences. As if Sweden was not perceived as the “rape capitol” of the planet earth already.

Where are my newspaper headlines?
Where is my legal process?
Where does the hypocrisy of the fucked up Sweden end?

I have overcome this event and processed it, even though I am scarred for life. And it also showed me the nature of how women rapes. They do it when their victim is in a critical health situation in the risk of dying and incapable of moving and defending themselves. Then they are protected by the corrupt law of the Swedish system, claiming it is alright, because it was a health care professional doing the rape.

I can live with that, because I am strong enough.
But what I cannot accept, I simply cannot accept, is that elderly people unable to defend themselves are being murdered with given overdoses of morphine, and the media that supposedly has the ACTUAL PAYED FUCKING WORK to report about it are busy arguing about some passe famous person who bought sex from a prostitute, maybe even in full consent for all we know.

The legal system in Sweden is one of the biggest fucking jokes on this planet.

I am sorry, you elderly people. I really am.
This one is for you. Because you deserve better than what our failures to people working in the system deliver. I am ashamed that the country you built came to be like this. And I am even considered a “failure” by the system.
Maybe I am, but at least I have my integrity and morals left.

Since someone asked me..

..why I release content so slowly.

Blame the Swedish system. It is them who has cut my funding.
I have extremely little passion to share my content without funding.
Since I struggle to survive financially, I have to put my attention to other things.
They claim I am fit for work despite over ten doctors having testified that I am not fit for work, and that I will probably never be.

I have real trouble finding something that I can actually work with. Because even if I spend most of my time by the computer, I am still in pain and struggle a lot with focus and concentration. I am not legally allowed to treat my pain in Sweden the way I see fit, and the health care refuses to provide me with treatment against the pain.
They actually subject me to torture. What the Swedish system does qualifies as a crime against human rights. But then again, the country is run by Nazis, so what can one expect..?
And people really needs to learn the difference between Nazism, Fascism and Communism, they are all totalitarian systems, but in different practice. As well as totalitarianism and racism, especially in Sweden. Which claims to be one of the most well educated countries on the planet.

So please, do not be disappointed with me. Be disappointed with the Nazis that run the Swedish system and now because of their agenda wants the people they consider “undesirables” dead by means of exclusion from the law.

If I did not have as much pain, then I would have a much easier time in my creative process. And if I had the funding I am according to the laws of the country entitled to (because people pay mind boggling amounts of taxes in this country for that very purpose) I would not be so worried about what to do all the time.
I myself am not disappointed with the Swedish people who actually pays the taxes, on the contrary, I am very grateful towards them. But they are being robbed by the fucktards in the Government. Because the taxes they pay, does not end up where they should. Not only in my case, but in so many cases.

I really would love to have a work myself, because I really hate spending time at my computer. If I could, I would “fuck this shit” and become a farmer or something, whatever only I never got to see a fucking computer screen ever again.
But I simply cannot because of my situation.
Because despite what the inbreds employed at the social security agency thinks and believes when they without education reject the recommendations of actual doctors, I am in extreme amounts of pain, and suffer on a daily basis.

So please, do not be angry with me or disappointed on me.
Blame the Swedish system. Because it is those who are corrupt.
It is those who are responsible for the situation I am in from the very beginning as well because of their fucked up experiments on the Swedish people.

I long for the day this fucked up country collapses, because I hate corruption with my entire mind.

And before you call me left-wing or right-wing, I am neither. Because I do not take side. I am no ‘one-winged angel’, I have both my wings, and I am balanced.
I just hate corruption and retardation, thus I am in the current times destined to hate the Swedish system. Because it is as corrupt and retarded as it could possibly get.

I mean, the fucked up retards running this shitshow actually wants to achieve ‘herd immunity’ regardless of the amount of lives it would cost to get there.
Hitler would be proud.

An answer

Since people have asked me as a person living in Sweden, why our country is doing so little against Corona. While their official story is that they have it under control and want to achieve ‘herd immunity’ that is only half of the story. The real agenda behind it is something different.

The real reason is to measure the efficiency of the spread and which demographics it affects. Statistics and such data is invaluable, and you need a huge demographics in order to get valid data. The governing elements of Sweden frequently uses their people as test subjects, as has been done since the early time of the twentieth century.

To those who truly have done their homework, they know that the ruling party of Sweden, Socialdemokraterna, back in the days were the ones who invented the Nazi doctrine (national socialism).
Torture, experimentation, forced sterilization, murder and exclusion as well as robbing exposed people of their legal rights are common practice in Sweden to this very day. It is not as obvious and brutal as it were during the first half of the twentieth century, but it is still common practice below the surface.

And this is known in the upper echelons. When I attended the meetings with people of the upper 1% of intelligence, they often spoke about the ‘undesirables’ and ‘unworthy people’ in a manner that was taken straight out of the Nazi doctrine. Removing “weak elements” from the societal herd is commonly accepted in Sweden, like it was in the Reich during the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. But these days they do it in a very covert manner via the heath care system.

You are forced to enter clinical trials and experimental medication if you are one of the diseased and ‘undesirable’ ones, otherwise you are cut from funding and left to starve. Yes, this really happens in Sweden below the propaganda of how “progressive” and “equal” our country is.

2019 they introduced a reformation of the budget that effectively cut out all the undesirables from the funding. Thousands of exposed people, such as elderly, diseased and disabled people were left without funding. A huge number of people committed suicide because they could no longer sustain themselves and was now excluded from the legal system. Just like the Nazis in the 1920s excluded exposed people from the law, allowing them to be subjected to harassment, torture and murder. As I said, Sweden invented this shit, so they know it intimately.
(Maybe I picked up more than I should have in my studies at the Royal castle….)

So with the anticipated entrance of Corona, it was the golden opportunity. For two reasons. The first being that it effectively kills off the weaker elements in the society, so of course as little effort as possible is put into trying to stop the spread. The Government might appear less ‘evil’ if an infection kills off the weaker people rather than them doing it via exclusion from the legal system. And secondly, now all the mass media ever reports is Corona. Corona here and Corona there. So all the people excluded from the legal system and financial support are perishing in silence. Because nobody cares about them. Nobody is allowed to visit the elderly, nobody is allowed to visit the exposed. And most of them are in such compromised situations that they cannot speak up themselves.
They die in silence and isolation. The worst fucking end I could possibly imagine.

It has long been planned, because the Swedish economy has failed, and needs to be stabilized. And all the Nazi party ruling Sweden knows is the age old doctrine they invented. So of course they follow those practices in a modern rendition.
Sweden is the oldest surviving Nazi country on this planet (if you do not count the older versions of that doctrine). Anyone who denies that has not done their homework properly. Everybody who has studied enough knows that the Royal families are Nazi supporters, that much became obvious to me during my studies under the Royal court.

So that is the reason why Sweden is so non responsive. It is for two essential reasons. One experimental, in order to gather data of the virus. And the other to remove ‘undesirables’ from the society.

Sweden is not how it is depicted in mass media and projected international propaganda. Interview any true low class citizen of Sweden and you will have everything I have said verified.

It is like that meme about Suomi Finland:
“When you are the nation ranking highest in happiness because all the depressed people commit suicide”
That statement is even more true for Sweden. Except we do not even rank high in national happiness, because that is how failed our country is below the intellectual make up.

Since that reformation of the budget I have sadly been notified that over thirty people in my social networks have committed suicide. Even more people have chosen that end according to social media beyond my own networks of people.

That is Sweden for you.
That is why I no longer support this country nor its language.
I simply cannot support a system that in a systemic manner executes its own citizens.
As a friend of mine put it: The twenty-first century has no place for Nazism.

Here you can also read my report which I wrote to the UN in February as a concerned citizen regarding the quickly rising number of suicides in Sweden due to exclusion of exposed people. This was before the Corona hit Sweden, so the practice to murder people by means of exclusion was a thing here before the pandemic struck.

The blog post is in Swedish, but the letter I sent is recited in English.
(Needless to say I got no response whatsoever, because the UN is just as fake as the conspiracy theorists claim them to be)

Social Insurance

Försäkringskassan ringde idag. Jag orkar verkligen inte med dem. Kan de inte bara ‘man up’ och säga som det är, att de vill ha död på mig? Varför måste de vara så vedervärdigt patetiska och hålla på och fjanta sig och låtsas att de vill väl när de ändå inte vill det?

Jag orkar inte bry mig för jag vet redan att de inte kommer ge mig någon ersättning. De har fått som uppdrag av regeringen att ta död på så många som möjligt, och att utesluta dem från systemet är en väg att gå. Det har skett tidigare i historien, så det är inget mysterium. Alla som var uppmärksamma på lektionerna är informerade om det.

Det jag stör mig på är hur de låtsas vara goda, och låtsas bry sig om alla, låtsas inkludera alla i samhället. För att de vill att det ska låta bra. Men sen inte lever som de lär.

Det senaste nu är också att jag inte kan ansöka retroaktivt mer än tre månader. Och även om det i slutändan inte spelar någon roll ens om jag skulle få ersättning, så betyder det att jag förlorar alla de sparpengar som jag levde på när jag var utförsäkrad. Pengar som skulle ha gått till de sakerna som skulle ha gjort mig funktionell i samhället, även om det hade tagit lite längre tid.

Jag måste lämna Sverige, helst för Portugal. Det är vad pengarna skulle ha gått till. Där lagarna ser annorlunda ut och jag kan enklare överleva. Först var tanken Ryssland, men deras lagar fungerar inte heller dessvärre. För vården vägrar hjälpa mig i Sverige och lagarna är så efterblivna att jag inte kan överleva här. Jag kan inte behandla min smärta utan att bli kriminell, och är du kriminell så är du per definition inte en funktionell medborgare. Det här landet är så fruktansvärt efterblivet att det finns inte.

Det som gör mig mest frustrerad är hur de inte kan vara ärliga. Hur de måste göra allt för att upprätthålla den där falska fasaden och imagen att de är “the good guys” när det är de som systematiskt avrättar människor genom byråkrati och juridik.

Kan du inte göra ett sådant tal till nationen Löfven?
Där du ärligt berättar varför ni utförsäkrar och har ihjäl människor genom exkludering?
Det hade kanske till och med varit värt att lyssna på.

The Social Insurance Agency called today. I can barely stand them. Can they not just ‘man up’ and tell the truth, that they want me dead? Why must they be so disgustingly pathetic and continue pretending that they want to do good, when they do not really do good.

I do not care, because I already know that they will not give me any insurance anyway. They have been given this mission by the Government to kill off as many ‘unworthy lives’ as possible by exclusion from the system. It has happened before in history, so it is no mystery in any way. Anyone who paid attention to the lessons are informed by this.

What irritates me is how they pretend to be good, and pretend to care about everybody, pretend to include everyone. Because it sounds good. But they do not live as they learn.

The latest thing now is also that I cannot claim more than three months retroactively. And while I do not care about it since it does not matter in the end anyway as I most likely will not get any insurance anyway, it still means that I will lose all the saved up money I had which was meant to make me a functional member of society. Even if it would have taken a bit longer than healthy people.

I must leave Sweden, preferably for Portugal. That is what the money should have gone to. Because their laws are more sane than the Swedish laws, and it would ease my everyday life and thus ability to actually sustain myself. My first plan was Russia, but their laws does not work either. In Sweden the health care refuses to help me and the laws are so utterly retarded that I cannot survive here. I cannot treat my pain without ending up a criminal, and if you are a criminal you are not a functional member of society (although one could argue that since the Government is the most criminal and dysfunctional of them all). This country is so backwards that I cannot find the words for it.

What makes me the most frustrated is that they cannot be honest. How they must do everything to maintain the false facade and image that they are “the good guys” when they systematically execute people through bureaucracy and law.

I wish that Löfven would hold a speech about that to the nation.
Where he honestly tells why they are by exclusion executing people.
It maybe even would have been worth listening to.


Man måste ändå ta och roas över massmedia och deras praktik, inte minst i dubbelmoral. De har ingen konsekvens i sina påståenden och sitt agerande.

Som här lokalt, där jag bor. Lokalmedia är så lustig. Jag har aldrig varit intresserad av massmedia, de har sällan något vettigt att säga ändå. Det senaste som är på modet i Sverige är att vara sparsam med resurser och inte slösa på naturen i onödan. Men ändå så insisterar lokaltidningen på att tvinga på folk sitt strunt. Det är en sak om de skapar det och uttrycker det, och låter de som vill prenumerera göra det. Det är helt i sin ordning. Men varför de måste syssla med nedskräpning hos de som inte är intresserade vet jag inte. Samtidigt som det är absolut slöseri på naturresurserna. Jag läser inte ens gratisexemplaren de delar ut. Tvärtom, det innebär extra onödigt arbete för mig att bära skiten till återvinningen.

De har arrogans nog att påstå sig stå över reklam dessutom, då jag tydligt markerat att jag inte vill ha reklam. Så ja, det är inte svårt att glädjas när media gnäller över att det är svårt med intäkterna. De får också smaka på hur det känns. Folk gillar väl inte skiten måste antas. Bra grejer säljer sig själva, så om det går så dåligt för dem att de måste tvinga på folk sin sörja och samtidigt beklaga sig i sin sörja att “journalister måste tigga” (krönika i Aftonbladet) – så får man anta att det är det ultimata kvittot på vilken skit det är de distribuerar.

Jag menar, min egen blog och hemsida överskattar jag inte. Har aldrig gjort, det är därför jag aldrig bett om pengar. Heller har jag aldrig tvingat på mina kreationer på folk. Jag utgår från att folk är såpass smarta och intelligenta att de kan välja själva om de vill ta del av det, om de finner det intressant. Ett sätt som inte ens “inte fake news” inte applicerar – de sätter sig istället arrogant över folk och ska välja åt dem.

Inte undra på att de säljer så dåligt att “journalister måste tigga” om intäkter.
De kan ju alltid gå till Försäkringskassan. Har hört att man får hjälp där.
Med att dö.

Karlskoga Kuriren heter den lokala blaskan som de skräpar ned mitt postfack med jämna mellanrum. Absolut slöseri på naturresurser.
Men det är klart. Massmedia har aldrig brytt sig om klimatkrisen på riktigt. De använder det endast som ytterligare något för att “tigga om pengar”.

Det är heller inte konstigt att folk inte kan ta Corona på allvar, när media säger flera olika saker i princip varje dag. Ena dagen är det en vanlig influensa och dödsstatistiken i princip obefintlig. Nästa dag får man inte gå till jobbet och flera tusen dör i andra länder.

Och folk tycker att min sörja är verklighetsfrånvänd…

It is amusing, the thing with mass media and their practices, especially in terms of hypocrisy. They have no consistency in their claims.

Like here, locally, where I live. Local media is hilarious. I have never been interested in mass media or conventional media – they rarely have anything of value to share anyway. The last farce is the climate crisis – and while it is a legitimate concern, they provide little to no credibility to it. We should be cautious and not waste nature in vain, yet they do exactly this themselves. If they express their stuff and practice journalism, sure, whatever. That is a basic right here in Sweden. But why submit to littering and impose on people with their crap. That is what they do here locally, when they hand out free papers from time to time. I do not read them, I am not interested. In fact, to me it is waste of resources and it means extra unnecessary work for me to carry their stupid shit to the recycling.

They are arrogant enough to claim they are above advertising, because they ignore the very clear signs that I do not want advertising in my post box. So it is not hard to rejoice when Swedish journalists are complaining that nobody wants to buy their stuff, and that they have to “beg for money” (actual chronicle in one of the larger medias in Sweden). Well, good material sells itself, and if they struggle – one has to assume that it is proof and receipt just about how much their shit does not appeal to people in general. Logically?

I mean, my own blog and website I have never even considered to monetize. I do not believe it qualifies. Some people appreciate my content, but I do not think they are willing to pay for it. Information and content is so readily available these days that few people pay for it. I also have never imposed on people or forced my creations onto them. I believe they are smart and intelligent enough to make that choice themselves. Something which mainstream media does not when they try to choose for people.

No wonder that “journalists have to beg” for money.
They could always tryout the Swedish social insurance. I have heard that they help people over there.
To die.

“Karlskoga Kuriren” is the name of the local crapfest to newspaper that they liter my postbox with. Total waste of natural resources in my opinion.
But yeah, the people in mass media never cared for the climate crisis anyway. It is just them trying to monetize it – no wonder why other people cannot take it seriously either.
The age old saying: “People do what you do, not what you say”

It is also not strange that people cannot take the Corona seriously either. Media says different things different days, or sometimes even the same day. One day it is just an ordinary flu that is nothing to worry about. The next day they are not allowed to attend work and thousands of people are dying in other countries. Now that is cognitive dissonance if I ever saw one.

And people think my crap is insane.


Har ni det bra gott folk?
Retorisk fråga.
Har ni det kul?
Även det en retorisk fråga.

Jag njuter i fulla drag. Jag tycker hela den här grejen är både fantastisk och underhållande. Personligen så önskar jag att viruset härjar lös ännu mer, och sliter ner systemet ännu mer. Jag har inget att förlora ändå.
Jag tycker det är helt fantastiskt att få se all tusentals människor som förlorar jobbet, som tvingas sitta hemma och ha tråkigt, som är rädda och oroliga, som inte känner att de kan lita på vården eller media, som inte känner att de kan lita på politiker eller andra institutioner i samhället.

För det är min vardag. Det är därför jag inte får panik eller oroar mig, det är ju redan min vardag. Alla stackare som sitter och gnäller att de inte kan jobba nu, och att de fått sparken för att systemet de tillhört sviker dem. Jag vet precis hur det känns. Hela 2019 fick jag uthärda det – så jag är redan uppvärmd och härdad.
Så många hade så roligt åt mig förra året när jag var utförsäkrad och knappt kunde överleva. Så jag bara njuter i fulla drag nu. Min skadeglädje har nått nya toppnivåer.

Hur alla företag kollapsar, hur ekonomin bara sjunker i fördärvet.
Som de säger om handlarna där ute, “det är som dagen före julafton, fast varje dag”.
Jag känner ingenting över huvud taget för det svenska systemet, för de svek och övergav mig redan förra året. Ju mer skada de tar, ju bättre i mina böcker.
För likt de betraktade mig som värdelös och överflödig, så betraktar jag hela Sverige som system som värdelöst och överflödigt. Det är bara en naturlig reaktion.

Jag bryr mig inte om jag skulle råka infekteras och stryka med själv. Tekniskt sett så är jag i en riskgrupp, men jag förväntar mig inte att de ska bry sig. Staten har ju redan stämplat mig som lögnare och hundra procent frisk och arbetsduglig. Så det är precis vad jag stämplar Svenska staten och politiker som: lögnare.
Tvärtom, jag hoppas att viruset muterar och allt blir ännu värre. För jag kan acceptera att dö om jag dör i undergången. För då kommer jag skratta varenda minut tills jag går under.

Kalla mig kall, kalla mig respektlös. Well, det är vad man blir när man utesluts från systemet och anses värdelös.
Jag hoppas ni har det bra gott folk. Jag hoppas ni njuter.
För ni har förtjänat det.
Varenda dålig sak som händer, har vi kollektivt förtjänat.

Det är inte hat.
Det är ärlighet från en förrådd medborgare.

Do you feel fine people?
Rhetorical question.
Do you have a good time?
Also a rhetorical question.

I am enjoying this completely. I think this entire thing is absolutely hilarious and amazing. Personally I wish that the virus wreaks even more havoc and tears down the system even more. I have nothing to lose anyway.
I think it is wonderful to see all these thousands of people losing their jobs, who are forced to remain at home in quarantine being bored, who are worried, anxious and afraid, who feels they cannot trust health care, media, politicians or other institutions in the society.

Because that is my everyday. That is why I do not get panic or worries, I already live like this. All the poor people complaining they have no job anymore because they have been fired because of the failing system. I know exactly how that feels. The entire 2019 I got to endure it – so I am already warmed up and well tempered.
So many people had so much fun when I was excluded from the social insurance last year because of my incurable disease and disability. They loved laughing at the one already on the ground being kicked around by the system.
Well, now it is my turn to laugh. And oh do I laugh.

How all the companies and industries collapses, how the economy fails.
Like the ones who are the winners in this whole tragedy: “It is like the day before Christmas, every day!”. I feel almost nothing for the system, because they betrayed me long before I betrayed them. The more damage, the better. Since they labeled me useless and expendable, I of course view the entire system the same way. It is only a natural reaction.

I do not care if I get the infection myself and dies. Technically, I am an exposed individual due to my disease and situation, but I do not expect them to care. The system has already labeled me a liar and someone who fakes my symptoms, and because of that completely healthy and fit for work. So that is what I do in return. I label the Swedish system, media and politicians liars. Dictator Löfven can say whatever he wants in his speeches, but it is all lies. He does not care. He let several people die due to neglect or even forced them to suicide before the virus even started to spread. So why would he care now? I do not believe him. Not at all.

So I do not care about the virus, on the contrary, I hope it mutates and that it turns everything even worse. Because I can accept dying in the apocalypse – that is a worthy death. And I will laugh every minute until it happens, if it happens.

Call me cold, label me without respect. But that is only the natural reaction when you have been betrayed and excluded from the system that claims it cares for everyone, and that everyone is welcome and a part of it. The whole is as important as the individual – and since they labeled me worthless, they labeled themselves worthless.
I hope you feel fine people, I hope you enjoy this.
Because you have deserved it.
All the bad things that happens now, we have collectively deserved.

It is not hate.
It is honesty from a betrayed citizen.

Aaaand some fitting music to how I feel:

Corona update

Detta blir mitt sista inlägg rörande Corona, för jag orkar helt enkelt inte bry mig mer.
Det får gå som det går helt enkelt.
Folk har ju sagt till mig att det gör inget om jag dör, som den belastning på samhället jag är – det skulle göra livet bättre för dem. Lyckligtvis, så uttrycker sig min obotliga sjukdom som så att mitt immunförsvar är hyperaktivt och ligger på flera hundra procent av ett normalt immunförsvar. Något som resulterat i att jag haft vanlig influensa en gång de senaste tio åren. Jag hade något annat vid ett tillfälle också, tror det var Vinterkräk, men svårt att säga, då mitt immunförsvar slaktar allt som kommer för nära mig.
Så jag känner mig inte orolig. Inte för viruset.
Jag är förmodligen i mindre risk än vanliga friska på grund av hur min sjukdom uttrycker sig.

Någon sade till mig att de ville byta immunförsvar med mig – men jag tror inte det för att vara helt ärlig. För det har sina baksidor.
Som i att jag har nästan dagliga inre blödningar och dasspappret ser ut som en rödvitt-halsduk när jag varit på toaletten (jag är så hardcore Degerfors IF-fan att hela min kropp stöttar dem – galghumor deluxe). Så det är inte bara frid och fröjd.
Men jag kan lova att jag kommer att garva om något av spånen som önskade min död drabbas. För det skulle vara poetiskt.
Som de själva sa: “Svaga människor förtjänar inte att överleva”
Jag är mycket, men jag är inte svag.

Trots att Sverige inledningsvis var lite efterblivet och hade märkliga saker för sig så måste jag medge att de senaste tiden skött det rätt bra faktiskt. Att Sverige sjunker på topplistan över antalet dokumenterade fall indikerar det också. Det är lite klassiskt Svenskt, att alltid agera försent, eller senare än man borde – men det löser sig på något sätt ändå. I alla fall hyfsat. Ett par hundra döda hit och dit…. är ju kvittot från utförsäkringarna. Tänk om riksbanken hade kunnat gått in och fixat det där..?
Men hur var det han sjöng.. “Medmänsklighet rimmar illa med vinstintresse

Men nu när det är kris och i princip världens undergång så verkar det som att de tagit sig lite i kragen, på rätt sätt. Det är inte felfritt eller topp, men det är ok.
Så visst, det kan de få. Trots att jag inte är något jättefan av Sverige efter hur de behandlat mig med utförsäkringar och allt annat. Det var inte som att jag gick in i den här krisen i en bra situation. Nu blir det bara värre alltsammans.
Men det finns alltid de som har det värre.

Jag orkar inte bry mig om viruset längre.
Jag är bara glad att de i vården är på första parkett och i största risk.
Jag vill inte att de ska drabbas givetvis, men jag måste erkänna att det stillar min undertryckta vrede mot vården att veta det faktumet. Efter hur de behandlat mig alla år.
Det har alltid varit jag som gjort fel och haft fel, och jag har fått skylla mig själv.
Nu får de skylla sig själva om de drabbas. Jag känner inte mycket för dem om de skulle.
Karma, kallar jag det.
Även om det skapar kognitiv dissonans hos mig då jag egentligen inte vill att de ska smittas.

Jag förstår inte alla som hetsar och får psykos. De har för lite problem.
Själv tar jag det piano. Kanske kommer det sig av att min rädsla för döden är borta efter skiten de gjorde på sjukan..?
Vem vet?

This will be my last entry regarding the Corona situation, simply because I do not have the energy to care anymore.
May what should be, be.
Some people have informed me that it would be good if I died, as I am nothing but a burden on society. It would make life better for them. Luckily, my chronic disease expresses itself in an hyperactive manner and operates on a couple of hundred percent more efficiency to that of a normal person. Something which has resulted in me having only one flu the last ten years, without vaccination. I had something else, I believe it was the Norovirus, but it is hard to say as my immune system butchers anything that comes close to me.
So I am not worried. Not even the slightest.
I am probably in lesser risk than most healthy people because of how my disease expresses itself.

Someone said to me that they would want to exchange immune system with me. But I highly doubt that. Because it has its cons.
Things like having almost daily internal bleedings and that the toilet paper looks lika a red and white scarf when I visit the bathroom. (I am so hardcore fan of our local team (whose colors are red and white) that my entire body supports them – gallows humor deluxe). So it is not all that great.
But I can promise that I will laugh my ass off if the person who wished me dead in this pandemic catches the virus, because it would be poetic justice.
As they themselves said: “Weak people do not deserve to survive”
I am a lot of things, but not weak.
I probably have a better cardio than most of them despite the pain I am in.

Despite Sweden being initially a bit retarded I think they have handled it fairly well the last couple of days. The fact that Sweden drops on the list of most cases proves that as well. It is a bit classic Swedish, to act when it is too late or later than they should – but somehow manages to sort it out. At least fairly well… a couple of hundred dead here and there.. is the receipt of the people excluded from the social insurance. What if the National Bank (Riksbanken) had put in support for them?
But then again, how went his song? “Humanity does not rhyme with profit” (referring to a Swedish rap song)

I cannot be arsed caring about the virus anymore.
I am only happy that the people in the health care are the most exposed and in greatest risk.
I do not want them to be infected, of course, but I have to admit that it calms my suppressed rage towards the corruption in the health care. Considering all they have done to me in my life. It has always been me who has done wrong and been wrong, and I have only had myself to blame.
Now it is their turn, and they have only themselves to blame if they catch it.
I do not feel much for them if they would.
I call it Karma.
Even if it causes some degree of cognitive dissonance in me as I do not really want them to be infected.

I cannot understand all the people who freaks out and gets psychosis. They obviously have too little problem in their lives.
I just take it calmly. Maybe because my fear of death is gone after all the shit they did to me in the health care?
Who knows?

The Swedish Corona

Sverige har minst sagt konstiga saker för sig i relation till COVID-19, och de säger emot sig på så många punkter. I alla fall om man ska basera det på hur farligt “trovärdig” media projicerar det.

Inledningsvis så var de ju efterblivna med att ens ta aktion mot det, det var ju helt ofarligt i början, och inget att oroa sig för. Inte värre än en “vanlig influensa”.
Sen helt plötsligt blev det sådant jävla ståhej. Man stänger ner typ hela Sverige, förbjuder folksamlingar och jag vet inte allt.
Inte illa för att vara en “vanlig influensa”.

Massvis med bolag och branscher går med storförlust för att man inte längre får anordna evenemang och samla folk om större grupper än 500 personer. Men skolan som omsätter flera tusen elever på en del håll hålls fortfarande öppna.
Hur ska man tolka det? Att barn är mindre värda än vuxna?

De säger ju att barn inte är i lika stor risk, men de är ju fortfarande smittbärare och smittspridare. Så deras påstående om att försöka stoppa smittan är ju rent bullshit.
Jag undrar varför de införde den där lagen mot folksamlingar?
Är det för att de börjar bli rädda nu när systemet snart kollapsar och vill förhindra folksamlingar i inbördeskrig?
Jag menar, COVID-19 är ju fortfarande bara marginellt värre än en “vanlig influensa” enligt media.

Inte undra på att folk får panik och tokhamstrar allt möjligt när signalerna från massmedia är så tvetydiga. Det är ju samma regering som massmördat äldre, sjuka och handikappade genom utförsäkring som nu säger att skolan måste hålla öppet. Så man kan ju börja undra om det faktiskt är så att de vill att massvis med folk ska dö.

Jag menar, skolan borde ju rent logiskt sett vara den största smitthärden i hela samhället, och barn de bästa smittspridarna av alla. De är ju inte som gamla Agda på 75 som sitter instängd på hemmet hela dagarna för att anhöriga övergivit henne sedan 15 år.

Det här landet är så efterblivet att det bokstavligen förtjänar allt dåligt som händer.
Jag hoppas verkligen att diktator Löfven och de övriga i hans terrorsekt inte får en respirator ifall de skulle bli smittade. De har ju valt att ta ansvar över folket, och kaptenen lämnar ju skeppet sist – vilket översätter till att Löfven ställer sig sist i kön till en respirator.

Sweden behaves very weird in regard to COVID-19, and contradicts themselves in so many topics that it is basically impossible. At least if you are to believe the “not fake news” media.

They were initially retarded to even act, claiming it was no worse than an “ordinary flu” and thus no matter for concern or worry. Then all of a sudden it all went crazy and they shut down basically the entire Sweden, made gatherings illegal and whatnot.
Not bad for an “ordinary flu”.

A huge number of businesses suffer as they can no longer arrange their events or gather people in groups larger than 500 people. But the school, which in many cases holds up to thousand students is yet being held open. How is one to interpreter that? That kids are of less value than adults?

They claim children to not be in as huge of a risk compared to older people – but they are still carriers and spreaders. So their claim to make gatherings illegal because they want to contain the spread is absolute bullshit.
I wonder why they really made gathering illegal. Is it because they are scared now because the societal collapse is imminent and want to prevent civil war?
I mean, the COVID-19 is only slightly more dangerous than an “ordinary flu” according to mainstream media, so why all the overkill actions that does not even apply to logic?

No wonder why people go crazy and stock up on everything last minute. They are just ordinary people who cannot think for themselves in most cases anyway. They are addicted to the directives and information given to them via mainstream media and other sources. And if the sources of information are highly ambiguous, of course they panic – because it does not make sense to them, even if only on a subconscious level. And it is the same Government in Sweden that has already committed genocide of several elderly, sick and disabled by means of exclusion from the Social Insurance last couple of years – so one can start to wonder if they actually want people to die. Since they claim to want to stop the spread but does not follow the most logical procedures to do that.

I mean, school would logically be the epicenter of spread in the society because of its flux of people. Kids are also the worst spreaders of all demographics due to their activity. Any parent knows this from when an ordinary cold or flu strikes. It is not like old lady Agda 75 will do much spread, as she is already isolated on some elderly home somewhere because her relatives abandoned her 15 years ago.

This country is so retarded that I cannot find words for it, and in a sense we deserve all the crap, as it were we who installed the Government we now have. I really hope that dictator Löfven and the other people in his terror-organization does not get a respiratory device if they were to be infected. They have chosen to act for the people, and the general rule is that the captain leaves the ship last – which translates to Löfven placing himself last in the long line of people awaiting care.


Usch, dagens träning gick inte alls.
Var så oerhört psykad och lättirriterad då jag fick veta att en vagt bekant (vän till en bekant) tog livet av sig häromveckan på grund av Försäkringskassan.
Huvudet gick i 260, minst, och det krävdes inte mycket för att rubba fokusen.

Gjorde mitt absolut bästa för att inte låta det synas eller gå ut över de andra på minsta sätt.

Resultatet är inte ens värt att nämna, då jag halvvägs genom skjutningen slutade bry mig och bara sköt för att bli färdig utan att sikta.

Men jag fick chansen att instruera ett par nybörjare som gjorde riktigt bra ifrån sig. Så kvällens aktivitet var inte helt bortkastad

Fy fan säger jag för de som arbetar på Försäkringskassan.
Fy fan. Vilka vidriga jävla människor.
Jag hoppas att de förstår att de kommer att ses på i framtiden som vi idag ser på människorna som arbetade i koncentrationslägren – “De gjorde bara sitt jobb”
(Fast förmodligen gör de det inte, eftersom de låter sig göra vad de gör)

Today’s training did not go very well.
I was so psyched and irritated because I was informed today that a distantly acquainted (a friend of an acquaintance) committed suicide recently because of the decision made by Försäkringskassan here in Sweden. My head was running wild and it took basically nothing to disturb my focus.

I did my absolute best as to not let it affect the other shooters. And succeeded fairly well with it – since I was the only one who suffered from it.

My result is not even worth mentioning, as I stopped caring halfway through the shooting and just fired without aiming just to finish.

But I got to instruct a couple of newly joined shooters, who did very well, so the evening was not completely wasted.

I curse you people working at Försäkringskassan.
I curse you, for the disgusting despicable lowlifes you are.
I sincerely hope that you realize that the people of the future will look back at you people like we in our times look back at the holocaust. And before you object, know that, worse things happened before the holocaust, we just assume that things become better. So comparably, this that happens will be utterly atrocious to our hopefully more sane future people.
After all like any guard in the concentration camps: “You just did your job”

Сегодняшнее обучение не пошло хорошо.
Мне сообщили, что знакомый знакомого покончило с собой.
Это из-за решения шведский «Försäkringskassan» (Агентство социального страхования)

Я не мог сосредоточиться.
Мой результат, не стоит упоминать.
Я просто стрелял без цели..
Но мне удалось наставить некоторых детей, поэтому день не прошел даром.

Я ненавижу эту страну!
Я ненавижу Швецию!
Они убивают своих людей!
Они точь-в-точь как нацисты..

Russian politics

Någon frågade mig om min åsikt gällande Rysslands president, Vladimir Putin. Och mitt svar är inledningsvis väldigt kort: Jag har ingen åsikt, då jag inte är bosatt i Ryssland eller lever i Ryssland. Eftersom jag inte är under deras styre så är det ofantligt trångsynt eller oförskämt att ha en åsikt omkring deras ledare – det är i essens deras ensak, inte min.

Däremot så kan jag uttrycka min åsikt rörande ledarskap generellt, och hur jag ser på det i enlighet med personliga åsikter, principer och observationer. Och i sådana fall så kan det ryska styret enligt min observation i det närmsta liknas med en demokratisk oligarki. Det kan låta krångligt, men det är så jag skulle beskriva det. Jag är dock ingen expert rörande ämnet, så ta inte mitt ord som absolut fakta. Men personligen så har jag inget emot ett sådant styre. Vi har ett mycket liknande styre i Sverige, en påstådd demokrati men som betydligt mer liknar en oligarki då det råder extrema mängder kamaraderi i de högre maktskikten – vem som helst kan eller får inte komma till makten i Sverige. Genom antingen censur, förtryck eller ärekränkning. Ibland även ännu värre.

Å min sida så lägger jag min fokus på det genomförda arbetet. Jag personligen bryr mig inte om ifall politiker är välbetalda så länge de genomför ett bra arbete och bringar till nationen och folket det som krävs för att hålla folket vid god hälsa och nationen i progression. I det avseendet, i enlighet med min observation, så har i nutiden Ryssland lyckats betydligt bättre än Sverige. De är i progression medan Sverige är i regression. Saker blir bättre i Ryssland, medan saker blir sämre i Sverige.

Jag är inte gärna den sortens person som jämför saker eller personer, men i det fall där man skulle ställa Stefan Löfven vid sidan om Vladimir Putin, så är mitt val av ledare givet – varje dag i veckan. Speciellt med tanke på mängden demografi de råder över. Ryssland som federation är ett ofantligt komplicerat system med väldigt många provinser, stater och andra regioner. Av vilka flera inte ens är erkända nationer. Min metaforiska bild av den ryska federationen är likt ett barnhem. Där de utstötta eller annars ovälkomna är välkomna. Det är i en del avseenden fattigt och ansträngt, men sådant brukar vara fallen omkring sådan praktik.

Ryssland backar gärna självständiga stater, erkända eller ej. Och det finns två aspekter till detta. Kritikerna menar gärna på att det är olovlig expansion. Men i en sann demokrati så är det folkets val som regerar – om folket väljer att hellre tillhöra eller verka under den Ryska federationen, oavsett av samarbetsnivå, så är det så nära demokrati man kan komma i praktik. Många utsatta områden vänder sig till Ryssland för att få det skydd som de behöver för att motstå betydligt mer aggressiva styrelement i värden. Likt mobbade barn vänder sig till en förälder för att få skydd (metaforiskt översatt).

Det är i motsats till expansion av andra statsmakter en fredlig form av expansion, och orsakar i min observation ofantlig mängd provokation. Få saker är så provocerande som när någon vänder en statsmakt ryggen till fördel för en annan, då det är det absoluta kvittot på att den som blir lämnad är sämre än vad än den blir lämnad för – det kan sättas i direkt parallell med till exempel ett förhållande där svartsjuka vid ett uppbrott ofta är ett faktum.

Den andra aspekten som kritiker gärna ignorerar eller glömmer bort är den administrativa delen. Det är inte bara en fördel med sådan typ av expansion, då det innebär ökad mängd arbete för den överlöpande federationen. Ta till exempel EU som väldigt noga granskar vilka som får bli medlemmar i deras federation (EU är i praktiken en federation). Lever du inte upp till eller fyller EU:s krav så är du inte välkommen. EU är därför i vissa avseenden en fascistisk federation, där en slags nationell klass-rankning tillämpas. Har du inte finansiella medel eller status nog så utesluts du eller så är du inte välkommen. Något som i min observation inte förekommer i samma utsträckning inom den Ryska federationen. Vilket även kan i viss mån styrkas av Storbritanniens utträde ur EU. Medlemmar lämnar inte frivilligt en påstått funktionell federation.

Många skulle säkert anklaga mig för att vara partisk, men den partiskheten bygger på min observation där nackdelar och fördelar hos samtliga parter mycket noga vägs mot varandra.

När det kommer till praktiken av retorik så är det därifrån min största beundran inför Ryssland och deras politik kommer ifrån. Både sittande styre och opposition. De har en helt annat retorik där. Och i nutiden så är censur betydligt mindre än tidigare. Ekon lever givetvis kvar från dåtiden, och det tar tid att avskaffa de dåliga elementen av ett tidigare styre. Men censuren har minskat betydligt i Ryssland. Vilket per definition är progression, även om den kanske är långsam enligt vissa.
Jämförelsevis i Sverige och inom EU så är censuren på frammarsch, vilket per definition är regression och utgör ett allvarligt hot mot både yttrande och tryckfriheten samt de demokratiska principerna. Demokrati, oavsett nivå, kan inte fungera i ett samhälle där information förtrycks. Det är omöjligt, eftersom det blir omöjligt att få en informativt och sakligt korrekt utgång.

Därför liknar jag Sverige med en oligarki betydligt mer än en demokrati – även om demokratiska element förekommer. På samma sätt som Rysslands politik i viss aspekt numera ser ut.
Dock som sagt, hur styrelseelementet ser ut är enligt mig irrelevant så länge de genomför ett bra arbete. Det är inte många människor som vill bli verkliga politiker, då de som verkligen förstår arbetet det innebär inser att det är ofantligt uttröttande. Dock i Sverige (och alla andra länder) så har politik blivit ett finansiellt sett lukrativt karriärval, och många gånger likt läkare så väljer man arbetet för pengarna hellre än för det faktiska arbetet.
(Vårdkvalitén sjunker och vårdköerna förlängs i Sverige, så det måste antas vara en högst korrekt observation – på precis samma sätt som självmordsstatistiken och dödsantalen i Sverige stiger på grund av det svenska styret till följd av undermåligt utfört arbete och direkt korrupta beslut)

Så det är svårt att ta ställning till rysk politik, då jag endast observerat den på håll. Språkbarriären underlättar inte observationen, även om jag med mina ökade kunskaper nu börjar få en betydligt klarare inblick i deras land.
Vidare från det, som sagt, då jag inte är en faktisk del av deras nation och federation så har jag ingen som helst anledning att ha en åsikt rörande deras system. Jag har passion och intresse i det, men det kvalificerar inte hela vägen till att faktiskt ha en satt åsikt omkring det.

Då är jag betydligt mer intresserad av att ha åsikter omkring vårt svenska system, som i de flesta aspekterna havererat och misslyckats totalt. Om vi verkligen har demokrati i Sverige, så kanske vi bör överväga att titta på ett annat system. För just nu är landet i regression i samtliga aspekter.
Högfunktionella individer flyr landet. Industrier och företag flyr landet. Vården havererar. Polisen kan inte hålla ordning. Socialförsäkringen har kollapsat totalt, så illa att människor dör och tar livet av sig. Det är samma politiker år in och år ut som sitter och figurerar i Svensk politik, så man kan med goda anledningar ifrågasätta vår påstådda demokrati.

Det är inte svårt att vända bort blicken från det här misslyckade projektet vi kallar Sverige och se till andra styren. Och i min personliga åsikt, endast baserat på deras politiska vänlighet, så har den Ryska federationen lyckats bättre än den Europeiska unionen.
Demografer bosatta på vissa territorier önskar ju att bli en del av den Ryska federationen medan demografer bosatta i vissa territorier önskar lämna den Europeiska Unionen.

Someone asked me about my personal opinion around the Russian president Vladimir Putin. And my answer is initially very short: I have no opinion, since I do not reside within or live in Russia. And since I am not under their rule I consider it narrow-minded, maybe even rude to have an opinion around their leader – in essence it is their business, not mine.

However, I can express my opinions around leadership in general, and how I personally view these topics in regard to personal opinions, principles and observations. And in such case I find the Russian ruling element to be something similar to a democratic oligarchy. It may sound weird, but that is how I would explain it overly simplified. But I am no expert in the topic, so do not take my word for it. I personally have nothing against such a ruling organ, since we have a very similar one in Sweden – a claimed democracy but which in practice more expresses itself as an oligarchy. This as it occurs extreme amounts of camaraderie within the upper echelons of Swedish politics. Not just anyone can come to power in Sweden, either through censoring, oppression or defamation. In some cases even worse.

I on my behalf, puts my attention and focus on the completed work. I personally do not care if politicians are well payed as long as they do a great job which brings to the nation and people what is required in order to maintain the good health among the people and prosperity of the nation, which results in overall progression. In regard to these principles, according to my observation, in these times Russia does a way better job than Sweden. Russia is in progression whilst Sweden is in regression. Things become generally better in Russia whereas things become generally worse in Sweden.

I am not that kind of person who enjoys comparing things or people with each other. But in the case where the Swedish prime minister Stefan Löfven were to be put aside the Russian president Vladimir Putin, my choice would be given, every day of the week. One is a leader, the other is not. Especially considering the amount of demography they reside over. The Russian federation is an extremely complex structure with many provinces, states and other regions – of which several are not even recognized in the international community. My metaphoric image of the Russian federation is that of an orphanage. Where the excluded and not welcome are generally welcome. In some areas it is very strained and poor, but such is usually the situation in that kind of practice.
Russia often backs sovereign states, recognized or not. And there are two major aspects to this. The critics usually claim that this is illegal expansion. But in a true democracy it is the choice of the people that rules. (Demos = people, kratos = rule) If the people choose to belong to or work under the Russian federation, regardless of level, that is in practice and principle democracy. Many exposed and vulnerable areas turn to the Russian federation for aid and assistance in order to withstand the aggressions from the far more ruthless powers in the world. In the same way someone subjected to bullying turns to an elder for protection (metaphorically translated).

This kind of expansion is in opposite to other kinds of expansion peaceful and voluntary, and causes in my observation extreme amounts of provocation. Few things are as provocative as being turned down in the favor of another, as it is the absolute receipt which one can get that one is presumably worse than whatever one is turned down for. It could be paralleled with a relationship where jealousy occurs in the event of a breakup.

The other aspect, which the critics tend to overlook, is the administrative part. There is not just benefits from this kind of expansion, as it results in extreme amounts of work for the overlapping federation for every new part that joins. Take for example EU which very thoroughly examine anyone who wishes to join their federation (EU is in practice a federation). If you do not live up to the required standards of the EU you are not welcome. EU is therefore in some aspects actually a fascistic federation, where an international ranking of states decides whether you are worthy of a membership or not. If you cannot afford membership or have enough national status you are not welcome. Something which according to my observation is not the case with the Russian federation, who accepts basically any functional entity into their ‘family’. Something which can also be somewhat proven by the exit out of EU by Great Britain – members do not willingly leave a functional federation.

Many would accuse me of being biased, but that ‘bias’ builds upon my observations, where pros and cons are carefully measured in relation to each other.

When it comes to the practice in rhetoric it serves as one of the major sources of admiration of Russian politics. In all aspects, both the ruling element and the oppositions. They have a very different rhetoric. And in modern times the censoring is in rapid decline. Echoes still exists, but it takes time to completely adapt to a new system. But the censoring has clearly declined in Russia, which in definition is progression. However slow the critics claim it to be. Comparably, in Sweden and the EU the censorship is increasing, which in definition is regression. This also constitutes a great threat towards free speech and democracy in practice. Democracy, regardless of level, cannot function properly in an environment where information is oppressed. It is impossible, as it becomes impossible to get an informative and objective trustworthy outcome.

This is why I label the Swedish ruling organ an oligarchy far more than a democratically chosen ruling organ. This even if democratic aspects occur in Sweden. Which mixed sources suggest is similar to the Russian system. As I mentioned, I do not care how the ruling organ looks or operates as long as it does a great job. There are not many true politicians these days nor are there people actually willing to become true politicians. Those who are truly passionate about it knows the sheer amount of work it requires and the sacrifices which has to be made. Although in Sweden (and all other countries) it has become a lucrative career choice to become a politicians. But they want all the benefits but do no work. Much like doctors often pick their work for the pay rather than the well-being of the people.
(In Sweden the health care quality is in absolute decline and the demand for healthcare increase – so one has to assume that the observation is correct. In the same way that the suicide rate and numbers of deaths directly linked to the poor work and corrupt decisions of the ruling organ is increasing rapidly)

It is hard to take a stand in Russian politics, as I am only observing it on a distance. The language barrier makes it even harder. Although my increased knowledge in the language now is starting to result in a much clearer insight into their system and country in general.
And as mentioned, as I am not a part of their country nor federation, I have really no reason to have an opinion about their system. I have personal interest and passion in the topic, but it does not really qualify to have a public opinion.

In that case, I am far more interested in having public opinions regarding our Swedish system, which I am a part of (more or less, since they do not seem to care if I survive or not). A system which in most aspects has failed miserably. If we really and truly have the claimed ‘democracy’ in Sweden, then maybe it is time to look at another system, because this is clearly not working as Sweden is regressing in almost ever aspect.
Highly functional individuals flee the country, and with them industries and businesses. The health care causes more damage than healing. The police fail to establish order. The social insurance has collapsed so badly that people are dying or committing suicide. It is the same politicians that sits and appear in Swedish politics year in and year out. And the reputation of politicians are presumably good if other politicians supports them (the absolute definition of camaraderie) – so one has legitimate reason to question or claimed democracy.

It is not hard to turn away from the failed project which is Sweden and focus on other systems and countries. And in my direct personal opinion, only based on their friendliness, the Russian federation has succeeded far better in modern times than the European Union.
Demographics which resides on certain territory wishes to become a part of the Russian federation whereas demographics on certain territories wishes to leave the European Union.

And just for the luls: