Psionics continuation II

If you are overweight, then psionics is of tremendous benefit to you. Because within it, in the understanding of it, is the solution to the problem.

The most important thing to understand when it comes to such situation is to realize that you are not the problem. Because you are neither your body nor your mind. Your body is an extension of your mind, and your mind is an extension of you, the essence that is you. Your consciousness, your spirit, whatever you label it with intellectually.

Take the example I gave in the previous post about me ignoring the pain impulses beating on the brain. If you are insecure by your appearance, that is the very same principle albeit a mental one. It is a mental pain that attacks your being, and you have to overcome this. That is also a practice in the reallocation of energy into mental structuring of thought.

You should not think about yourself as overweight, that is a problem in and of itself. Because by thinking that you assume that you are above or below a certain standard. Instead, see yourself as a cellular colony which has an abundance of energy. Because that is closer to the truth. If you wish to lose weight, you need to transmutate the energy, in one way or another. You can burn it by creating heat, usually through cardio exercises. Because when you amplify the heart rhythm you amplify the energy conversion of the body. Or you can partake in weight lifting where the energy is transmuted into muscle fibers.

NLP (Neuro-Lingusitic Programming) is also an expression of psionics. Because if you think of the mind as a computer, and the ego as the operating system. Then the program which it runs dictates your mental and physical efficiency. This is why ‘self-help’ books help some people. Because what it does is rewiring the brain into filtering the reality through a different perspective of perception. You process the information that surrounds you in a different way, and by so you can achieve a different result.

So, if you are insecure with your appearance. I can give you a mental paradigm that may assist you in being able to deflect the information that is around you. Most people have heard the saying “if you suffer from stage fright, just imagine everyone being naked”.
No. Do not. That will not help you at all. It will only make you more insecure. Because you will resonate that psionic flux outwards and sensitive people might pick up on it and perceive you as a pervert.
Instead, see everyone around you as an animated colony of energy. Because in the linguistic sense, that is exactly what they are. By so you will adopt a more neutral perception of them, and by so you will not adhere to the conventional sense of beauty. If the langue is troublesome to decode, an example would be to think of everyone as a battery. Where some are in possession of a greater amount of stored energy than other, and some in possession of greater ability to transmute energy than other.

If you are overweight, you have an abundance of energy, but you might not be as proficient in the conversion of that stored energy. You could be, since being overweight also has its benefits. But if you are a slave to it, and unhappy with that state, then what you need to work on is the conversion of the stored energy. It is the only way. Think of it as discharging a battery.

And in order to achieve this, you have to realize that your patterns of thought are absolutely crucial. Because they are the programs that dictates your behavior. If you are disappointed with yourself, you have already lost. Do not be. Instead, see yourself as a work in progress.
You also should not run from negativity, because by doing that you only cater towards your weakness, you give in to your corrupt thought patterns. Instead, embrace the negativity.

I can give an example to why you should do this.
If you think of everything around you as condensed energy turned into information, because that is what it is to the perception of your brain, then an insult for example, is like a metaphorical punch.
You need to learn how to roll with the punches. Because that is part of mastering the psionic flow in the body. If you can control the mind, you can control the body as an extension of the mind.

At a certain point, the incoming attacks will not even bother you, because now you will be able to transmutate that energy projected at you into something that is of service to you. You see:
‘Cause you know sometimes words have two meanings’
If you are able to reconstruct your perception in real time, you can consciously turn an insult into a compliment. It does not matter what the person who projected it at you meant, what means something is how you perceived it. Because that is part of mastering Psionics.

That is why you weaken yourself if you run from negatives. Do not do that. Because the negatives are your best training. That is what strengthens you. Sure, there are absolute fucktards which you should not bother with, but those who punches you but then reaches you the hand, are the ones you should pay attention to. Because what they do is pointing out your weaknesses and how those are solved.

This idea of “stay positive” and “avoid negativity” is actually a part of the church. Did you know that in most paradigms, ‘negative’ are associated to ‘female’. So what you do when you tell yourself “avoid negativity” is actually subconsciously to command yourself to abolish the feminine. You need both for emotions. Both the positive and negative charge.
That is why the Church failed. Because it praised the positive, usually associated to male. And that is wrong. Do not run from negatives, unless they are only negative. You should look for a balance of both, because it is impossible to have only one or another.

A while back I wrote about how one can use metaphorical perception to alter how one perceives information in entertainment. And how the game Bioshock Infinite could be seen as a struggle to achieve balance between the positive and negative, the male and female aspect.

Take for example the movie “The Matrix”. Which could be seen as a metaphor for the mastering of psionics. How to be able to realize what really surrounds you. Because if you are divided into the dualistic paradigm of positive and negative, you are not unified. But once you are unified, you amplify your own resonance, you become the one in a sense.
Which is why the main character is symbolically resurrected after the female character tells him that she loves him – he is unified. He is in that moment both positive and negative and by so able to transmute whatever energy surrounds him into whatever benefits him the most.

If you want a functional metaphor for the movie itself, think of the bullets that are fired as metaphors for informational arguments, like insults. Then when the main character is shot dead, that is when he encounters a couple of insults that breaks him down completely. But by being granted the love he is resurrected and able to overcome the insults slung at him.

It is all different aspects of psionics.
You have to master the mind in order to master the body.
Otherwise you are a walking machine. At very best.


For Lambda @ TARSOF <3

People be like: You should cut your hair.
I be like: Why?
I have never gotten a good enough answer to it. And why is it that people are more bothered with other peoples hair than their own. It is kind of like when you say you are vegetarian. They become more concerned with your diet than their own.
You do you, and I do me – I would say.

It is all natural baby! <3

Psionics continuation

There are many aspects to psionics and ways in which one can measure them. And it has gone under many names throughout history.
But what it essentially is, is the manifestation of life essence, or as to say, how alive one is.

Because merely being alive does not truly mean you are ‘alive’. Since there are levels to consciousness and how alive one can be in the present moment.

One example of psionics could be in physical exercise. When you are exhausted and that ‘voice’ in your head tells you to quit. That ‘voice’ is a neural pattern in your brain sparked by a certain structure of neurons. Often based on autopilot or biological limits. It could come from several sources and be a result of genuine exhaustion. But that is rarely the case.
Being truly alive is being so conscious that you transcend the biological system of the body giving the sensation of exhaustion and by so overriding that pattern of thought and pushing through. It is redirecting the flow of energy within your body to reallocate biological resources.
Which is one example of psionics. Your ability to overcome exhaustion by means of conscious restructuring of the neural hive is one way to measure your psionic capacity.

To give a tangible example.
When I do my marches and the pain sets in after two or three kilometers, usually from extreme cramps in the abdomen. I could give in to the neural impulses beating on my brain warning that something in the biological homeostatic system is wrong and thus the director, as in I, should capitulate. But my ability to override these signals by reallocating biological resources in terms of energy, is my mental strength, my psionic capacity. Because my ability to formulate the pattern of thoughts that makes me able to push through the pain is stronger than the biological reflexes.
This is being truly alive. Because now you are not operating from the reptilian brain. Instead you are using the upper brain overriding your primal instincts.

This is probably why I lose so much weight so fast and have such tremendous metabolism, because all energy is being reallocated into the energetic flow in the body. I cannot really translate the feeling, but anyone who has felt it knows what I mean.

Realizing that pain is merely an illusion conjured up by the brain and thus can be ignored by means of neural restructuring is one practice in psionics. But that is merely one aspect to it.

Another tangible example is the formulation of information. Because every word which I write in this composition is a direct result of neural sparking in my brain. As to say, a consumption of energy. The efficiency in which I am able to compose information is directly linked to my psionic capacity. Because thoughts is really nothing more than a result of cymatic patterns caused by the neural oscillation. Hence, the stronger the psionic capacity, the stronger the amplification of that oscillation, and by so more intricate pattern may be formed. That is the advancement in thinking. The stronger you can resonate, as in oscillate, and the faster the pace, the stronger the neural sparks and thus result in the shape of thoughts that arises from it.

Formulation of information within the brain is just that: reasoning. Resonating. You waver between positive and negative in a certain cycle. Your psionic ability decides how fast and strong you are able to think.
Hence why discipline is directly linked to ability of thought, as it is both secondary functions of the psionic flow.

Most people have such low psionic capacity that they are not able to think, nor overcome their biological reflexes such as instincts. Instead, they give in to thought patterns that defend instincts.
That would be an excuse. Your biological body will make up excuses all the time in order to defend its state. Try overcoming the sexual drive and you will know exactly what I mean. I have been through the entire catalog of excuses conjured up by the biological hive.
Most people fail, because they do not truly know what a thought really is.

Another aspect to psionics is reactions. For example when you see blood. Your instinct based on ancient memories may cause you to recoil and feel uncomfortable. Your ability to overcome this is directly linked to your ability to override reflexes, as explained with pushing through pain.

Psionics is also why people may feel uncomfortable in the vicinity of other people. It is because their biological resonance conflicts that of other entities, and by so causes a subliminal feeling of discomfort. That is why some people are shy. Because they are more sensitive to the psionic fluxes in the ether. They pick up on the resonance of other people more easily and therefore have a reaction to it. How they react is directly dependent on their neurological structure.
If they are fully conscious they could take the shape of being ‘shy’ but it is merely an observational stance in the withdrawn mode.

These things mentioned are the very basics of it, from my understanding. Then comes the higher levels of directing the energetic flow within the body, conscious psionics. Think of monks that can alter their body temperature in extreme environments. That is also a result of psionics. Because the practice in its very essence is the same, transmutation of energy. It is merely reallocating biological resources into a desired result. They have mastered the technique of adjusting the body temperature by spending energy.
Just like I have mastered the technique of formulating information into these written lines of text by spending energy.

So whichever aspect of it you consider, it could all be the same thing. The attempt to measure consciousness. And the more conscious you are, the more alive you are. Because consciousness is that which arranges structures. Biological structures if you consider the biological hive of the body, or crystallized structures if you consider the informational hive of the mind.
And the stronger your consciousness, the stronger your energetic flow in the body, or, its psionic capacity.

Usually, when considering true psionics it spans the entire spectrum. Meaning, if you are good at one thing, you are usually good at another. You might not be as efficient in the transmutation of energy, but you are still conscious of what you are doing and by so can deliver a desired result which is closer to the expectation than if you were not conscious.

Since these are the very basics, as they are the principles of arranging structure, those are the ones needed in order to reach higher level functions. The more intricate and advanced your being becomes, the more intricate and advanced it can become. Because your are amplifying your resonance.

If you do it in the biological aspect, you increase your physical strength. If you do it in the mental aspect, you increase your mental strength. Whichever shape or form it might be.
At a certain level you are becoming so conscious that you can consciously reconstruct your morphogenetic field. Because in essence, your entire being is a structure of energy. A condensation of energy. And if your psionic capacity, your consciousness, is strong enough to alter that process of condensation, you are in full control of the being you are – you are truly alive. Now you are not controlled by subconscious reflexes or primal instincts, but instead you dictate everything that happens in your body, from the patterns after which biomass are formed, the energy conversion that happens in digestion and metabolism, to the structuring of neural mass such as memory, thought patterns, visualization and so forth.
You are a God in the intellectual sense of the word, or, you are close to that which is the divine in a sense.

That would be the function of a true priest, or monk, or spiritual guide. Someone who has enough psionic capacity to reallocate energy into transmutation of tangible information which may guide whichever person in need of it.
Instead, it has been turned into this dead mindless regurgitation of patterns. There is nothing conscious about it. There is nothing spiritual about it. Because it requires the least amount of energy. It is intellectual instincts.

Once you try thinking for yourself, as in, truly thinking. Truly using your brain for oscillation – you will feel disgusted by the mere idea of repetition for the sake of repetition. Because all it really does is creating a control program within you. And if you did not design that intellectual control program yourself, you are merely a slave to someone with a stronger mind.

My mind is probably stronger than yours. Because I design myself down on a biological level as of now. I am able to control my entire metabolism. I am certain that is the reason why I can do so much despite being critically injured in my biological hive. I am also able to almost completely override the signals of pain, but it requires tremendous amounts of resources. That is why I lose weight despite eating more than the recommended for an adult every day. But that is part of the metabolism control.

There are of course many more aspects to it. But if you understood these patterns, you should be able to by means of resonance conjure up information regarding that understanding yourself.
Otherwise you are like the people who looks for answers in books or whatever. Because acquiring ideas is easier than to transmute energy and coming up with them yourself.

Maybe that is why fat geniuses are so rare…

Gettin’ fitter

For Lambda @ TARSOF <3

Got below 48kg today. I do not think it is even possible to lose more weight without dissolving my muscles now.

Felt a bit sluggish and slow during the march today, only after four kilometers. Usually I get tired first at the last seventh kilometer. Got home and it turned out I have fever. No wonder that uphill felt so heavy that I almost vomited, when it usually is nothing.
Do not try this at home kids. Working out with fever is dangerous.
My efforts to ignore pain may have gotten a tad bit too far.

But then again, Death and I are like best friends since the Nazi experiments in Visby. Had so many near death experiences there that we got well acquainted. Have walked with one foot in the realm of immortals and one in the realm of mortals ever since.
Death would not screw me over, we are too tight bros now.

And yeah, you know all the other creeps that are all over me in the ether. But I am yours and yours only.
You mah girl! ’til the day Death betrays my friendship.

British humour

For Beta @ TARSOF
One could almost believe I am British when seeing my kitchen window. lul
And that is not even all of them, but the windowsill did not suffice for all of them.

I drink one or two cups a day. But it is not so much for the tea I do it, but because of the coconut oil. I also hate coffee, it tastes like manure (do not ask me how I know).
Eight tea spoons of coconut oil per cup. It is absolutely amazing. One of the best resources for growing brain tissue. Which is kind of ironic since they usually call ‘dumb’ people ‘coconut’.
But it tastes kind of boring, so I usually mix it in a cup of tea.
And I love the artistic boxes of the Pukka brand.

You wondered which was my fav Bond movie, and I thought long and hard about it and settled for A View To A Kill with Sir Roger Moore. It was my favorite when I was younger as well. Because it was so different from the other ones. One of the best theme songs as well.
But the newer ones, the ones I have seen, are great as well. Daniel Craig fills the role.
Did you know that the kids in elementary school used to tease me for my interest in agents and the Intelligence agencies by calling me “Bond”. Rofl.
Goddamn sync I tell you.
Or should I say ‘bloody sync’?

Psionic launch

It is actually quite amazing how similar the sensation seems to be while riding an actual space rocket and launching into the internal space. Not entirely of course, since external space exploration comes with far greater risks and much more work.

I have always admired Astronauts and Cosmonauts, but since it is impossible for me to become one and to traverse the edge where free space meets Terran territory in the external realm – I have instead dedicated myself to internal space exploration. Some call it “Psychonauts”, but I think Cosmonaut works as well, since the Universe is as internal as it is external – dem Russkies are smart.

Whichever case, when it comes to internal space exploration, your ego actually becomes your vessel. Because your ego is what falls apart when tripping on psychedelics, unless it is well built enough to withstand the tremendous psionic forces that tears on it. That is why so many people describe “ego death”, where they at some point in the trip just ‘give in’ and let themselves be guided by the trip. And while this is one way to do it, it is not the way I usually do it. At least not until I have reached far enough into the deeper layers of the universal consciousness.

Because there are layers to the collective unconscious on the inside. Different stages you go through. Novices they usually only reach the “carnival”. Where the awake humans and beings hang around, where entities operate. It is basically the ‘other side’ which can be reached without psychedelics. It is just much more clear on Psychedelics. It is the telepathic and lower astral experience. If you get stuck here, you require a higher dose. You require a stronger rocket to propel you further into the unknown.

After that comes the “desert”. And that is like being on the horizon of the human collective unconscious. You can basically see the entire planet but from the inside. There are not much activity here except for entities and higher astral beings. Humans are around, but not as common, at least not in the conscious aspect. But this is usually how far you reach on a heroic dose. And the place you start to map out with your mind when you surpass the “carnival”.

But if your ego, as in a vessel, is strong enough to withstand this tremendous pull. You might do the scalar jump in the cosmic hierarchy. And this is when shit starts to get scary. Those who touches on this level are usually deterred from ever using psychedelics again. Because it is like a constant state of that feeling you sometimes feel at night, when you lie down and stare into the darkness and start to question what life and the existence really is, and that overwhelming mental force starts beating on you.

If you are able to handle that, you break out completely into the fractal limbo which is essentially the infinite. Here you are completely on your own. It is the mental parallel to absolute empty space. There is nothing here. If you are receptive enough, you might pick up on vibrations and echoes from other colonies. And by so tuning into them. But holding together your ego at this point is truly challenging. You require tremendous mental discipline and thought control. Slightest slip and you are gone, you go into some thought loop or anxiety kicks in and you freak out.

I have been there several times, and I almost got caught in a thought loop once. Which is nerve wrecking. Because of the mental relativity, it can be a nightmare. Even if it only goes on for about five minutes in real time, the mental relativity makes it feel like several years if it is really bad.

That is the reason why I exert such extreme discipline in my life. In every aspect. From physical training, to diet, to lifestyle to whatever. As far as I can considering my situation. Because I want to reach further into that empty mental space. It is far beyond the ‘atmosphere’ of the collective human subconscious. Because the external is a reflection of the internal. That which you see on the outside is just a reflection of what is on the inside. The “carnival” is basically just the planetary surface, but on the inside. Whereas the “desert” is the airspace between the ground and the ‘atmosphere’ of the collective human unconscious.

So whenever I launch myself into the internal space using Psilocybe fruits as the propellant, I range my dose between 5 and 20 grams (dried) depending on several biological factors. Sometimes 5 grams is enough to break the second stage. Sometimes it is not.

I prefer non dried psilocybe fruits, because of the composition. And making extract from them so that the fruits need not be consumed as they are, but instead turned into an extract containing the psionic propellants.

And lift off is not at consumption. Consumption is like 30-40 minutes before lift off. Extract is faster than eating raw fruits, as the bio-availability is increased. Then comes that shaking tingly sensation throughout the body and you are off. You will feel layer after layer of the ego slowly being stripped off to its bare core. And this is where you have to work. This is why the ego has to be dismantled while sober, so that the structural integrity of the ego core can be assembled. Because these are the structures you will rely on completely while in the deepest depths of the internal space.

You need to know how to break out of thought patterns, how to deal with thought loops, anxiety and so on. You must have dealt with traumas and whatnot so that it does not break you down. Basically, the stronger your structural integrity of the mental core, the further you can take yourself consciously.

It is the same with lucid dreaming. The stronger your mental structural integrity, the easier it is for you to maintain consciousness while operating within the collective unconscious.

Not all people are suited for it. Suited for it. Because it takes a certain mind to be able to withstand such psionic force. That is one aspect human society has failed to take into consideration. Psionics. That is the stuff that makes you feel anxious while around other people. You cannot see it, but you can feel it mentally. It is there, in the air, and it beats on your mind.

This is why famous people have to withstand tremendous psionic forces. Because they have so much attention directed towards them. It is like wind, but in the internal realm. People who are sensitive to psionic fluctuations can ‘sense’ the situation of a group, a place or similarly.

That is the shit I train. That is why I mean that I put so much more value into the brain as a transmitter and receiver. Because regardless of how it is perceived on this planet, this is usually not where I reside. I have built my ego in terms of a vessel strong enough to traverse the outer layers of the internal space.

So when it is said that one needs to break down the ego. That means the corrupt part of the ego. Because the ego is essentially the operating system of the biological composition which is your body. So if you got the ego well structured, navigating with it internally becomes easier. But if you have distractions and corruptions – forget it. You are broken before you have even gotten through the “carnival”.


For Lambda @ TARSOF <3

I tried capture my eyes so that you could see my eye-color clearly. But the cell cam is not as good as the system. To my own perception it is strong green with a slight blueish hue. Not sure if the cameras can capture it nor if the perception of other interpreter it as such. You will also have to endure/ignore the ugly thing surrounding my eyes. Lul.

Prepare your orgasms lady, will be riding the psi-rocket at 50 G this weekend.

Some things..

Someone was triggered about my speech about amphetamines (on Facebook). Merely existing should come with a trigger-warning these days.
But yeah, there are better alternatives. I am pro organic/natural drugs such as Cannabis sativa, Psilocybe cubensis, Banisteriopsis caapi+Psychotria viridis, Turnera diffusa etc. Because those usually comes with a great benefit to side-effect ratio. Especially compared to the synthetic poisonous shit they pump out at the pharmas. Hence why I am not pro the shitty heavy synthetic drugs that fucks you up for life (trust me, I if anyone would know).But that is my personal stance. Hence why I may cause confusion when uttering my stance towards drugs if not entirely explained in the context. I am both pro and against. But it depends on what we are talking about.

Because entheogens are not ‘drugs’ in the conventional sense to me, but rather biological expressions of existential functions. They (the entheogens) were put here for a reason, causal or not, regardless which is your preferable paradigm (God, Big bang, Universe, Evolution, whatever). I have always believed in personal freedom and freedom of choice, so it is up to you. Stay off if you so please, but use if you so please.But if asking me for my opinion (which you should not really, as you should ask yourself) then stay the fuck off the pharma ones and stick to the natural ones.

Continuing from that.People have serious issues with genders these days. Which is why I feel I have to fuck around with them. Because I believe in the saying “mind over matter”. I truly do. Like completely.So in that regard, why would it matter what my body is? When it is my mind that is closer to essence and the source anyway?
To me, the biological meatbag which is my body is only an homeostatic system upholding the transmitter/receiver which is the brain anyway. How it looks has nothing to do with efficiency whatsoever. Sure, it is nice looking nice, but I would never judge anyone’s mental capacity based on their looks. That is such a huge mistake that Sun Tzu did not even include it in the Art of War. Or maybe he did. But in way more eloquent expression if so.

It is for the exact same reason why I prefer dressing in military uniforms rather than the tie-tard setup that is the conventional standard for people of higher intellectual levels.
The military uniform is in like a 95% efficiency/comfort to 5% looks ratio (if you do not consider the camouflage aspect which is part of efficiency).
Whereas the tie-tard setup is like in a 95% looks and 5% efficiency/comfort ratio. Yeah you might be able to tweak the numbers, but you will never get anything better than 50/50.So it is all a matter of what you value.

To me, I put almost all the effort into efficiency/comfort. Imagine playing a game for the story rather than the graphics, if you need a functional metaphor, for the functional metaphor.Which is why I despite my disability work extremely fucking hard to maintain a very clean and efficient homeostatic biological system.
“mens sana in corpore sano” as they say.

So I genuinely do not care about how my body looks. I really do not. I care only to increase my biological processing and thus its ability to maintain the processing unit which is the brain.Since my body is damaged but yet manages to perform more than people who are not damaged, I would assume that I am fairly well set.It is going to be needed when I will have to take on the entire System after having published my book as well.

But then again, I get comments like “I wish I had your disability so that I could not get fat” by some people. I am not even joking.Their minds must be so fucking weak that they have no mind over matter whatsonevereverintheirentirelives.

I can push through the pain of internal bleeding by restructuring the neural system of the brain and by so overcome the matter that is my body.So why in the fuck would I find it intimidating to identify myself as a woman just to fuck with the people in the slow lane? I myself find it a trait of lesser “manliness” (lul) to fear the feminine. But that is also my personal opinion. Seems people are not done with the religious view of the divine yet.

You know I love weapons as well right? For sport that is. But usually people of my stance should be against them. But I know that it is not the weapons that are the problem, but the people that wield them. Yet again: mind over matter.
So fucking with the gun laws will not solve anything if the minds are still fucked up in people. Only by properly integrating their minds can such things be overcome.
Yeah, my condensed energetic structure constituting my crystallized intellect formulating my ego has taken on some of the most ambiguous political stances possible.
But that is part of neural integration and cognitive polyphasia and multidisciplinary cognitive polyrhythm.

I genuinely mean it when I say there are more important stuff to argue about than what your meatbag looks like or whichever other meatbag(s) it prefers grinding itself towards.
World peace for example?
You may say I’m a dreamer..

And no, I will not share the anti-aging formula in detail.
So do not ask. It is for TARSOF members only.Because those were the only ones who were there when I needed them. And as we all know:
Bros before retards.

That being said, you who were and are my friends, are bros. Just not as tight. (whether you are born female, male or balloon)


For Lambda @ TARSOF <3

Only because you requested it. Because I look fucking ridiculous.
It should be obvious why I prefer the military uniform.
It is like a hundred times more comfortable as well.
Also, Ediety knot is the only tie knot I know by heart.
I cannot even make that boring mainstream one that everyone does. Or I probably can, but I am not positive it is done the way I think it is without looking it up.