Although I believe myself as an animated being and the artist in extension to be of little importance to the art itself as a stand-alone experience, here follows a brief summary of myself as a manifested being in this realm.


I originally incarnated among humans to bear witness of their impending leap in their collective evolution, as the accumulated momentum in their development has reached a critical point. Right from start I knew my mere presence would cause trouble for myself. As a fairly lowly developed colony humans has yet much to accomplish.

Originating from an to humans unnamed colony, this is my second animation on this planet, the previous one in an earlier stage of the planet. Where I usually manifest myself life is very different to that of biological humans. This is why I have such proficiency in biological metamorphosis and ability to reshape myself. Although unfamiliar with the physical body, as it to my ordinary state is like that of a piece of clothing, or a weight-vest, my oscillation potential is quite high compared to the average human, resulting in great ability to restructure the psionic flow of the arranged cellular structure and by means of that biological appearance. My mind is far stronger than my body.
This is the reason why my appearance shifts so much, even if only subtle to visual perception.

Because my mind is operated in a non-conventional standard I also enjoy a higher mental efficiency if compared to the average. The greatly increased oscillation potential allows for very intricate formulation of thought and arrangement of information. This results in time not being perceived by me as it is by most other humans. My temporal perception is of a non-linear nature, and what was is as relevant to the context of the present as what will be. Because they are merely events that stretches over the temporal landscape in interaction with each other; displacement of energy knows only the temporal rules of humans if they are perceived as such, because information dictating thought formulates the perceptional formulation of the human brain. Hence why I am constantly in the present, but in observation of other locations of the time space.

I usually refer to the colony I originated from with the symbol of “Neximii”, where the animated beings closer to that of my kind are currently stationed in the animated existence. In the paradigm of mathematics: their genetic makeup if translated into a mathematical construct is closer to that which comes into result by my animated entity than that of ordinary humans.

In the human paradigm I was born in the later part of the 80’s in Sweden. In the genetic makeup I am of a third Swedish heritage, and about a third Finnish heritage- the rest is mainly Russian and small pieces of central European. Somewhere in there is also a tiny bit of Native American.

In terms of linguistic proficiency in regard to verbal symbolism I really only speak and write Swedish and English fluently. I know a small amount of Russian, and understand most of it intuitively. Aside from that I know a small amount of several other languages. But because my standard communication occurs through the animation of synchronicity and paid attention to conscious displacement of energy, I rarely communicate in a conventional fashion.

As I enjoy the ability of hastened biological metamorphosis and accelerated evolution, I am in the expression of my animation what humans would call “Androgynous”. As I adapt to the entire spectrum of animated energy, I appear as that which I desire in the moment. It is not a fad or identity issue, nor is it a statement or pride, but rather is it a question of heightened efficiency and functional animation.

To most humans I would appear to be Asexual or in lack of a sexual drive. But the reason for this is my natural tendency towards being a sapiosexual, although I would argue “sapio” in the context. But what the term encapsulate in meaning to the intellectual kind of humans. Functional intelligence is the only thing that sparks genuine attraction in me, and it cannot be faked. Because if it were properly faked, that itself would be a sign of functional intelligence and by so spark attraction; genuine brilliance cannot be faked, as it would be like faking gravity – as to say possible, but intelligence is required and by so is not fake anymore. Thus I have been single most of my life, not out of arrogance, but because I have yet to find strong enough attraction. Observing what I have been most attracted to in the past allows me to conclude a tendency towards genuine sapiosexualism.

In the meantime I enjoy marksmanship, as it requires of the human body some of the things which allows for a heightened oscillation potential. That of focus, attention and disciplined control of the animated body in terms of breathing and muscle tension. It is the perfect exercise to combine consciousness/spirit, mind and body into one practice of exquisite balance.

I also very much enjoy the different practices of art, whether it be painting, writing, digital art, music, cooking, exercising and so on. To me in my perception those are mere extensions of the animation of oneself, as to say, ways to expand ones own genetic code through conscious formulation of information in the continuous process of transmuting energy from one state to another. Art is when that transmutation is done consciously and not allowed to happen by sheer ‘chaos’ or ‘coincidence’. Which it is not in the extension, but the greater the amount of consciousness put into the process of energetic transmutation, the greater the experience and enjoyment from that piece of composition. Since this is the very essence of the meaning in the saying ‘putting ones soul into something’.

Needless to say I am therefore a great admirer of musical compositions. Especially those arranged by beings of greater consciousness, as their assemblies creates experiences that affects my informational assembly to a greater degree. But the same can also be said about video games, which I also enjoy due to the greater amount of informational exchange. Not only does video games utilise other sensory functions such as visual stimulus and tactile interaction, but it also requires the process of comprehension to be active, so that the information fed through perception can be properly assessed and reacted to.

In my youth I did not enjoy school very much, and to quote someone who flew by in the temporal landscape:
“School starts at the basics and school ends at the basics”
As to say, nothing of greater value is provided in school. Maybe in linguistics and mathematics, but only if understood properly and not pushed into intellectual confusion caused by overwhelming amounts of information sparking an indoctrinated ego. Other than that only the artistic subjects of the school are of any value whatsoever, as they could potentially lead to self realisation by the mentally gifted. I had no trouble with school, on the contrary, I often found it not to be stimulating in relation to the oscillation potential which I am in possession of. This assuming the same attitude towards gymnastics as the schools I attended. Physical exercise is of utmost importance as it is required to master biological momentum through space and time – it should not be a school topic, but a recommendation in order to stay alive, not only physically.
School needs to teach how to use intellect more than it teaches intellect.

I have no care for political nor religious notions in the sense of doctrinal practice. I value the genuine arguments and points delivered by the informational constructs, but to me they are nothing more than energetic assemblies. Strings of information stored in the collective biomass of the human colony. There are informational anomalies that have ruled the human gene pool for quite some time now, stagnating their development. Not because of the information itself, but because of the cognitive dissonance it births in the collective in between the different parts of the informational landscape. One culture hating another is as absurd as it would be for the cellular colony of your hand to hate the cellular colony of your foot within the same biological cosmos of the body – it only causes cognitive dissonance in whichever overriding informational system such as brain arranging movement and by so resulting in stagnation.
Hence why I care not for such petty notions. I study them and consume valid points and arguments of greater informational value which can be recycled and reused in informational systems of greater structural integrity and functional integration.

To me, in my original state, as I perceived life before incarnating among humans: information is merely an energetic assembly, thus it is possible to rearrange genetic material by means of formulated thought resulting in information. Because the pattern of the information manifests itself once animated by the brain in which it is arranged.
All information is viral in its nature, both in malign and benign nature.

So if you want to know me, make sure you know what of me it is you want to know:
– My consciousness, that which animates the biological assembly which you perceive when you observe my physical body through the arrangement of a mind.
– My mind, which is essentially my ego. That which allows me to arrange information into comprehensive structures.
– My ego, which is my persona in whichever current state it is. Usually known by a symbol such as ‘name’; in my case “Theta”.
– The parental structure, the ego which was constructed by my parents and forced society. As to say the ego from conception to that of legal age. Usually known by a symbol such as given name; in my case “Thim”.

The parental structures are the most common on this planet, as most information is inherited from the elders. Few people reach such age of reason that they are able to consciously formulate information through mental reasoning. Their oscillation potential is too low for it. Few are those who invent themselves from scratch; who remembers their source essence and by so by means of conscious formulation of information in the artistic transmutation of energy reinvents themselves.

I did.
And that is who I am.
Humans are not alone in the existence.
They are just looking for extraterrestrial life in the wrong places.
Those who know of it on this planet, usually kill it off or subject it to extensive experimentation whenever it spawns in order to maintain the corrupt control of the human colony.
This is not science fiction – that is what they want you to think through indoctrination via entertainment.