Although I believe myself as the artist to be of little importance to the art itself, here follows a brief summary of myself.


I was born in the later part of the 80’s (so I never got to experience its glory myself) in Sweden. I am of almost half Swedish heritage, and more than a third Finnish heritage. I also have a large part Karelian heritage and a slight trace of Russian heritage. Somewhere in there is also a tiny bit of Native American. (According to DNA analysis and documented heritage)

In terms of linguistic proficiency I really only speak Swedish and English fluently. I know a small amount of Russian. Not really to communicate in a conventional fashion, but enough to compose or translate in that language if I want to with assistance of documented material. Aside from that I know a small amount of several other languages. As I am a writer I usually do not speak, so my skills are more in written text than in speech.

I suffer from a particularly aggressive autoimmune disease. I am also due to failed treatment physically disabled. The treatment was beyond fucked up, and what the surgeon did to me is beyond corrupt.

My situation is the reason why I have spent so much time on my studies and art. While the art may appear simple it is anything but. When it comes to art, people should not really judge by the looks of it, because the inspiration behind the composition is what makes it what it is. Some people have asked me, if my art is just a bunch of symbols mashed together in order to give a ‘mysterious look’. And depending on who you are the answer differs. To me it is not as every piece of imagery in my opus is carefully crafted. Every piece in every image is put there for a very specific reason. As to create meaning of itself and in relation to other symbols in the image.

But the translation is of little importance, what is of importance is what you take from it. How you choose to interpreter it. Depending on your gathered intellect you will have different levels of experience from it. So, it could be a bunch of symbols mashed together in order to give a ‘mysterious look’. But someone highly intellectual could look at the images for hours finding new meaning in them, whereas others brush it off as just trash. But so it is with any art, not just mine. It is very non-linear in its style, at least in the opus, because that is the style I enjoy the most. Basically my entire opus is the byproduct of my studies. It was originally not intended to be shared. The reason why I have made it black and white is because that is how I feel a lot of the time when people look at my art and judge me for what they perceive in my art. They judge me instead of their own interpretation of the art. And that is the black and white thinking which is of the most people. So it is essentially a play on concept hidden in plain sight.

As a person I am despite what many believe not really an introvert, but rather an ambivert. I tend to be introverted most of the time by choice, but I can switch to being extrovert without major trouble. It simply depends on the situation and company. When I am among people and take on an introverted character, that is in most of the cases because the company is boring, or more accurately put, not as interesting as my own mind. But in the right company, or under the right circumstances, I can be fairly extroverted. I spend a lot of time alone, but not really by choice. It is because of my health situation. This has led many people, mostly my former friends and acquaintances to believe I am anti-social. But it is really all down to me not having any real choice in the matter.

When I do not do art I enjoy air rifle marksmanship (and sometimes rimfire). Although it is really hard in these times due to my health situation. I used to be fairly good, and in my youth I performed on high level; former national champion with the help of my sister (who is even better as she was multiple national champion in different disciplines) and another person in .22lr team composition for that age section; 8th place in individual performance. My brother performed on high level as well in his youth, 8th place in individual national ranking as well for his class at the time.

I also enjoy actual painting, and usually bestow my paintings upon carefully selected ‘victims’ like a kid who gives their piece of art to their parent so they feel like they must hang it on the wall not to make the kid sad. My skill is not that much to speak of.

I am also a herbalist in real life and have experimented with over hundred herbs at this point. I have also worked extensively with minerals and a wide variety of semisynthetic compounds, as well as a few animalic reagents in my practices of alchemy. Primarily in my pursuit of transhumanism (the sane aspect of transhumanism, not the fucked up aspect) and conscious modification of the mind and body.

I also really like the concept of subversion, and use it as an artform through intellectual acting. As to say, I formulate alters through which I express myself in the collective reality. Like Roleplaying, but far more calculated. I have played many intellectual roles now, and it has helped me a lot to understand this reality. It is like seeing the world from other peoples perspective, because you cannot do that until you truly pretend to be like them. So in a sense it is like actual acting, but it is done without the physical form. (Although I often extend my intellectual acting to physical expression as well, such as clothing and behavior)

Further from that I also enjoy gaming, or to be more accurate, playing games. Because I really only play by myself. To me playing games is like looking at art. Since my intellect is starting to become of fair size, I can extract quite a lot from the games I play. As at least half of the gaming experience takes place in the mind, the greater the mind, the greater the experience. The only thing I dislike is me being so disrupted by the pain when I play, which makes it very hard to focus on the ‘gaming’ aspect. Therefore I rarely play multiplayer games.

I am also a huge fan of music. I love art in general, but music takes the crown. I am not that kind of person that tries to compare bands or genres, or lock myself into a certain type of music or stereotype. I think that inhibits ones experience of life. I have found great music in every genre thus far. Sure, the mood changes, so some days some music does not fit, and other days it is perfect. Only in a monotone life would a certain genre be absolutely perfect all the time. So the music which I have linked and recommend in my work are of all kinds and genres, and I really like all music.

Despite what many people would like to believe about me, based on expressions I have made, usually in character, I hold no political opinion (I do not vote – there is no party anymore which supports my kind anyway – in truth that is, they may say they do, but saying is not doing; today they care more about likes on Facebook and their only reason to pursuit the political game is the fancy paycheck that comes with it, but they have no care whatsoever for the people – more than in a superficial sense that is, gotta keep a ‘good reputation’), nor do I affiliate myself with any particular religion. Basically all religions says the same thing if you scale off the bullshit and mindcontrol. I do however try to respect any political and religious affiliation. Belief and opinion does not hurt anyone, until it does. The less one is adherent to it, the less one will take damage from it. Thus I do try to stay out of it, as I do have enough pain as it is already.

That will do as a brief summary. The rest can be found out in my blog. I guess.